English GECs and Their Growing Demand

Does Sheldon’s wit make you go head over heels? Does Dexter’s story thrill you? Does American Idol showcase better talent that of the Indianised format of the show?

Image Courtesy:  Big Bang Theory

Image Courtesy: Big Bang Theory

If yes is the answer to the above questions, then you are a huge fan of English General Entertainment Channel and you prefer watching them over Indian shows.

Over the years the demand for English shows has increased drastically in India. Shows like Friends, no matter how old, still remains to be the favorite series for most people. Similar is the case with reality, travel and food related shows.

Channels have constantly made efforts to fulfill the demands of the English audience with good content. The idea is to make shows available to wider audience. Broadcasters are leaving no stone unturned to grab the attention of the viewers. Big CBS, Fox, Z Cafe, Star World, AXN and Comedy Central are constantly coming up with different shows to keep their viewers hooked up.

Be it with shows like The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Two and half men or shows like America’s Got Talent, American idol, Master Chef and more, these channels are constantly reviving their content related to latest global hit series, action movie blockbusters, latest seasons of adventure-reality show and lifestyle sports programmes to attract audience of various genres.

And to a certain limit they have been successful. Some of the English GECs have come up with the idea of telecasting shows with subtitles so that the Indian viewers can follow the dialogues without any difficulty.

But with the DTH system coming into the picture, most families do not subscribe for these channels due to monthly budget constraints, since these channels are expensive. That is why most of the family members prefer catching up with the episodes or the series, online or through DVDs. Sighting a potential here, most of these channels have gone online to grab the attention of these viewers. These networks have now built an online portal so that people need not go on YouTube to watch the episodes. Instead they can come to the channel’s portal to view the shows. And this is not restricted to the website. Most of them have a very heavy presence on Social media platforms in which they promote popular shows through new contests and heavy engagement.

With increasing popularity and heavy demand for English TV series in India, will a day come when these shows would give a tough competition to the Hindi GEC shows? Only time will tell.